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DOGMOPOLITE is the first company in Hungary to provide professional services and solutions in all areas and segments for your best friend.

Our primary goal is the provision of the most suitable care for your pet. Our success is proven by the direct feedback of our two- and four-legged clients; we are proud having seen only smiling faces or wagging tails among our customers.

Dog Boarding and Day-Care BUDA
H-1116 Budapest, Mesterházi u. 6-8.

Dog Grooming Salon BUDA
H-1024 Budapest, Fillér u. 16.

dogmopolite kutyapanzió buda


Dog Boarding and Day-Care SZENTENDRE
H-2000 Szentendre, Rózsa utca 16.

Dog Grooming Salon PEST
H-1064 Budapest, Rózsa u. 94/B.

dogmopolite kutyapanzió szentendre


Dog Boarding and Day-Care PEST
H-1103 Budapest, Cserkesz u. 49.

Dog Grooming Salon and Day-Care ÓBUDA
H-1064 Budapest, Lajos u. 63.

dogmopolite kutyapanzió pest

kozmetika obuda

Dog Grooming Salon SUGÁR
H-1148 Budapest, Örs vezér tere 24. (Sugár Mall)

Dogmopolite Kutyakozmetika SUGÁR

Dogs are our passion. We love them and we treat them with exactly the same care and affection as we do with ours. We are dog-keepers ourselves and therefore perfectly understand the importance of the pet being taken care of by a responsible, reliable and loving person. All services are provided by colleagues with several years' of experience, the necessary physical fitness and exceptional knowledge regarding the specific field, most frequently specializing exactly on the requested field or even breed of the customer. All this is not only very important in order to ensure high-quality standards but much more so in order to effectively maintain and improve the dog's health and comfort, and the security of the surrounding people, animals and objects.

Dogmopolite operates Hungary's largest (in terms of covered area) and most advanced, state-of-the-art dog boarding, training and daycare centres! »

British Dog Groomers’ Association

British Dog Groomers’ Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the British Dog Groomers' Assocation (PIF-BDGA).

UK Kennel & Cattery Association

UK Kennel & Cattery Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the UK Kennel & Cattery Assocation (PIF-BKCA).

Pet Services Association

British Pet Services Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the British Pet Services Association (PIF-BPSA).



Our company has been an official member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) with seat in Florida, US, since 2013.


Professional Liability Insurance »

In light of our commitment towards professional service provision and health- and material-related values, our company disposes of a general and service liability insurance up to HUF 10 million covering any potential health or property damage.


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