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Dogmopolite - Why settle for anything less than the best?

Welcome to Dogmopolite, your one stop solution for all the needs of your dog during your stay in Budapest!

Dogmopolite is the first company in Hungary to provide professional services and solutions in all areas and segments for your best friend. The scope of our activities covers all imaginable areas from dog walking and sitting through health care and professional advisory all the way to training, therapeutic treatment, dog accommodation and dog grooming.



All services are provided by colleagues with several years' of experience, the necessary physical fitness and exceptional knowledge regarding the specific field, most frequently specializing exactly on the requested field or even breed of the customer. All this is not only very important in order to ensure high-quality standards but much more so in order to effectively maintain and improve the dog's health and comfort, and the security of the surrounding people, animals and objects.

Our primary goal is the provision of the most suitable care for your pet. Our success is proven by the direct feedback of our two- and four-legged clients; we are proud having seen only smiling faces or wagging tails among our customers.

Dogs are our passion. We love them and we treat them with exactly the same care and affection as we do with ours. We are dog-keepers ourselves and therefore perfectly understand the importance of the pet being taken care of by a responsible, reliable and loving person.



Placing an order

During our registration (first) meeting you and your dog will meet and get to know our colleague. Your best friend will feel more at ease during classes once he/she has seen you together with the service provider, and you will feel more comfortable since you have seen whom you entrust with the taking care of your beloved dog.

During our first meeting we will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire in which we note down each and every data regarding your dog, his/her character and features and we also get to know your practices of taking care and grooming. Only after that will we make a suitable offer for the best possible service.

Dogmopolite operates Hungary's largest (in terms of covered area) and most advanced, state-of-the-art dog boarding, training and day-care centre!

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Our facility boasts the following amenities and services:
  • Over 350 sqm covered, heated hall and other areas
  • 150 sqm in-door day-care and fun area with special amenities
  • 4 boarding areas with different temperatures on altogether 250 sqm
  • Reception and advisory corner
  • High-security locking systems
  • Entire-day professional supervision (altogether 5, during high season additional colleagues in rotation)
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Boarding on mattresses, dog beds, in either closed or open surroundings
  • Day-care services: game, exercise, learning in a covered or open, large area
  • Upon availability and need: Indoor and outdoor individual or group training
  • Full board with 3 different types of food – or anything else upon request
  • Official government operation permit
  • Hazardous waste (dog feces) transportation agreement for protecting our environment
  • and the list goes on…!


What makes the difference at Dogmopolite?


And in addition, the well-known Dogmopolite extra
  • We have the widest vaierty of boarding possibilities: our guests sleep in open or closed areas, in dog houses, on mattresses, in kennels or in the fresh air.
  • Full board for our overnight guests with high-quality, professional food.
  • The transportation away from and back to the client's home (HUF 3,000 (Pest), HUF 4,000 (Buda), HUF 5,000 (Budapest suburb)).
  • The dogs are supervised by professional dog trainers and supervisors, who can provide helpful advice already at pick-up.
  • Upon request our guests can take part in our day-care program free of charge, in the framework of which your dog spends the entire day exercising, learning and socializing with other fellow dogs.
  • Taken into account that we employ dog trainers in our facility, very often we shed light on behavioural and other problems which we report back to you and recommend possible methods the treatment of these.
  • Our colleagues fill in a detailed order form and dog data form upon pick-up and register each and every detail of your and your dog's habits and customs and other important facts for your safety and the traceability of past assignments.
  • General and service liability insurance up to HUF 10 million.
  • IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals, Florida, USA)-membership with all its professional requirements
  • Lot of attention, love, companionship and professionalism.


Day-care offer: we expect busy professionals to our day-care centre in the X. district of Budapest (1103 Budapest, Cserkesz u. 49.) on all days of the week! Special discounts in the case of all weekdays! For prices click here, for more info on our new center, click here.


Dogmopolite is a member of such prestigious clubs as IACP and AGA.

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IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals), FLORIDA, USA




Our company has been an official member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) with seat in Florida, US, since 2013 – with this move we can say that our company is the first in Hungary in this profession to become a member of an internationally acclaimed association with a clear set of extremely high professional and HR-related requirements towards the members.

The association was founded in 1999 for raising the professional and business standards, principals and expectations to the highest possible level among canine professionals and companies. The association, which was founded by a handful of dog trainers, has by now become one of the largest such organisations, the members of which can be found all over the world. The IACP is dedicated to promote the acknowledgment of the canine profession, its communication, further training, understanding and cooperation between canine service providers and the companies.



AGA (Austrian Grooming Association)



The AGA (Austrian Grooming Association) was formed in 2003 and Dogmopolite is the only Hungarian company which is member in this prestigious club. The main goals of the Association are constant further training, raising theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to the maximum, the exchange of experience, social contact and lobbying.

Its objective is to make its members use the most modern tools and care products for grooming, based on the most recent, international highest standards. Throughout the year the members discuss the newest trends, and get access to the most recent products, techniques and tools in the framework of further training and personal development.



Professional Liability Insurance

In light of our commitment towards professional service provision and health- and material-related values, our company disposes of a general and service liability insurance up to HUF 10 million covering any potential health or property damage.



Az AGA (Austrian Grooming Association – Osztrák Kutyakozmetikusok Szövetsége) 2003-ban alakult és cégünk, a Dogmopolite Magyarország első és mindidáig egyetlen cége, amely tagja ennek a presztízsértékű szövetségnek.



A Dogmopolite Kft. 2013 óta a floridai székhelyű IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) hivatalos tagja – ezzel elmondhatjuk, hogy cégünk Magyarországon ebben az ágazatban elsőként lépett be egy elismert nemzetközi szervezetbe, amely egyesület komoly szakmai és humán erőforrási követelményrendszert ír elő tagjai felé.


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Professzionalizmus és a minket körülvevő egészségi és tárgyi értékek iránti elkötelezettségünk jeléül általános és szolgáltatói felelősség-biztosítással rendelkezünk 10 millió Ft összegig a szolgáltatás során esetlegesen felmerülő sérülések és tárgyi károk kezelésére.



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