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Our international partners for equipment

Comfortable English Bulldog Harnesses - Soft collars, perfect air flow muzzles, leashes and dog toys as well.

Best training equipment for Rottweiler - All kinds of accessories for your pet - harnesses, muzzles and dog toys.

Easy to handle nylon Great Dane leashes - Extra lightweight Great Dane muzzles, safe comfy harnesses and collars.

Perfect Air Ventilation Muzzles for Doberman Dog - Comfortable harnesses, collars and leashes, bright toys and bite sleeves.

German Shepherd Training Bite Sleeves - Strong harnesses also, soft collars and leashes, quality dog toys.

Medium size wire dog muzzles - Small size wire dog muzzles, large wire cage dog muzzles.

Dog protection bite sleeves - Police K9 sleeves and bite suits.

Schutzhund dog harnesses for effective training - Schutzhund dog bite sleeves and bite tugs, collars and leashes.

Genuine quality leather dog muzzles - Wire Basket and leather dog muzzles for small, medium and large dog breeds.

Chain dog collars for safe training - Pinch dog collars, additional links for pinch/prong dog collars.

Large dog muzzle of wire cage - Small dog muzzles and medium dog muzzles of leather and wire cage.

Optional lightweight dog harnesses - Dog harnesses for training, tracking, pulling and easy walking.

Belgian Malinois collars of leather and nylon - Leather dog collars, nylon dog collars, decorated dog collars.

Anti-chewing, reliable chain dog leashes - Functional nylon dog leashes, super strong leather dog leashes.

Nylon American Bulldog collars for everyday use - Optional and safe dog harnesses, interactive dog toys.

Strong and durable leather Cane Corso bite tugs - Spiked and studded leather canine harnesses and collars, walking dog leashes.

Bullmastiff harnesses for walking, training and tracking - Training bite tugs of french linen and jute, bite sleeves and covers.

Strong and practicable nylon Belgian Malinois collars - Soft padded leather dog harnesses, durable bite tugs and sleeves.

Walking and training safe Pitbull muzzles of wire cage - Strong leather dog leashes, nylon dog harnesses for all-weather use.

Leather Boxer collars of superior design - Strong leashes of leather and nylon, lightweight harnesses.

Strong Mastiff harnesses for everyday use - Bite tugs and toys, reliable collars and leashes.

HS leashes & couplers for German Shepherd - Jute and French Linen bite tugs and sleeves, studded harnesses and collars.

Amstaff Spiked Dog Collars - Wide choice of leather and nylon spiked dog collars, hand painted leather muzzles, chain leads and other high-quality products.

Siberian Husky Dog Bite Tug and Toys - Great choice of jute and french linen dog bite tugs, rubber balls and other durable dog equipment for effective dog training, walking, pulling and tracking.

Bull Terrier Walking Dog Muzzles - Super comfortable and durable wire cage and natural leather dog muzzles for English Bull Terrier walking and obedience training.

Nylon Rottweiler dog collars - Ordinary dog harnesses and dning og traiequipment for walking and training.

www.dog-muzzles-store.co.nz - Leather dog muzzles for plenty of dog breeds.

www.dalmatian-dog-breed-store.com - Choose quality dog training equipment - bite tugs, toys, sleeves and covers.

www.dogue-de-bordeaux-breed-store.com - Best choice of classic design and luxury dog collars, reliable leashes.

www.all-about-english-bulldog-dog-breed.com - Fancy feather collars and durable harnesses.

www.all-about-great-dane-dog-breed.com - Good quality leather and nylon leashes, treat dispensers, dog harnesses.

Lightweight practicable wire cage dog muzzles - Leather dog muzzles for plenty of dog breeds.

Easy walking and training with Dalmatian harnesses - Choose only quality dog training equipment - bite tugs, toys, sleeves and covers.

Dogue de Bordeaux harnesses for stylish walking - Best choice of classic design and luxury dog collars, reliable leashes.

Leather English Bulldog leashes for safe walking - Fancy leather collars and durable harnesses.

Nylon Great Dane collars with decorations or simple design - Good quality leather and nylon leashes, treat dispensers, dog harnesses.




The AGA (Austrian Grooming Association)
was formed in 2003 and Dogmopolite is the
only Hungarian company which is member
in this prestigious club.



Our company has been an official member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) with seat in Florida, US, since 2013


Professional Liability Insurance »

In light of our commitment towards
professional service provision and health- and
material-related values, our company disposes
of a general and service liability insurance up to HUF 10 million covering any potential health or property damage


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